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Proposed Q&A site for phenomenon believers in: Psionics:Psychokinesis/Telekinesis; ESP:Astral/Lucid/RV/NDE/OBE; Energy:Meditation/Consciousness; Magic:Occult/Healing/Reiki/Crystals/Runes/Rituals/Exorcism); ET:Aliens/UFO; Metaphysical entities: Spirits; Astrology, etc.

Christianity.SE isn't just for believers in Christianity. Islam.SE isn't just for believers in Islam. This site shouldn't merely be for those who believe in the phenomenon, but also for those who are critically examining such phenomena.

See for example: Change the Islam proposal description and Animal Rights for non-supporters as well

(I'm also of the opinion that you can't have expertise in paranormal phenomena, but that's a slightly different matter)

Proposal: Paranormal

I would say restrictive rather then discriminatory – James Jenkins Sep 24 '16 at 11:01
The description can be reworded by changing 'believers' into 'enthusiasts' or other more appropriate word if that will help, which won't narrow the audience. I'm open to suggestions. – kenorb Sep 24 '16 at 16:16

Be careful; you are not creating a site for folks largely opposed to these beliefs. While I'm not talking about a blind acceptance of everything that this site is based on, this site is to create a canon of knowledge ABOUT the subject of the paranormal. "Critical examination" should be asked within that context… without pretense.

But this is not a debate forum to debunk the paranormal.

We talk about building these sites for "experts" and "enthusiasts." But those terms also apply to "practitioners" and "supporters" and "believers" in the subjects these sites are set up for. While we're not checking your credentials at the door, if you don't generally believe in the subjects being discussed here, this site isn't going to hold your interest. If you are not earnestly interested in the precepts being discussed here, without pretense, this site will not be for you.

From Why is Christianity the only true religion?

Your post is one of those extra-topical questions I'm sure we'll see over and over to challenge…

"How can you guys believe in this stuff?"

Simply stated, your question outside the purpose of this site. This is not what this site is about.

The scope and purpose of this site is to create a canon of knowledge ABOUT the subject of Christianity. Obviously, we are not checking credentials at the door, but within the scope of this site, users generally do not expect to be challenged on their belief system and, frankly, asking them to justify their own existence is not the purpose of this site.

Also, consider the discussion about

Isn't the target audience for this site too narrow?

I'm not a big fan of "describe your audience" as a way to define your site … for exactly that reason. I wouldn't worry about it … The chance that user is going to dig into your site description to make sure they're on the approved list is practically nil.

I've added a comment to your answer in the second link. – Andrew Grimm Oct 27 '16 at 8:28

The proposal isn't trying to be discriminatory or restrictive, it was just phrased that way to address previous concerns that it was claiming things which doesn't exist according to scientific consensus. Also to limit questions by non-believers which had lack of understanding of the paranormal subjects, so they didn't make any sense. Of course, it should say: 'and for people interested in learning such subjects' (like on Christianity), but given the description character limitation, this wasn't possible. Listing key subjects which are on-topic was more important to avoid jokes (e.g. about vampires) and other nonsensical questions for paranormal researchers. The final description can be clarified further more to avoid any confusion, so feel free to propose any improvements.

Further more, by believer we mean any person who is believing in something supernatural. For example if you believe in existence of God, angels, spirits, supernatural powers or intelligent beings from another planet as something real, you're already believer in paranormal phenomenon, because your perception is conflicting with scientific understanding, therefore it is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

Basically religion and science are endless natural enemies, and paranormal site is aiming to bridge both of them, so if you're open minded and you're interested in such topics, you're more than welcome to participate.


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