Proposal: Beekeeping

Does this proposal include anything we might want to learn about bees, or is it limited to hive-related questions?

Some of the example questions, including mine, are about bees in general, unrelated to hives and colonies, as that's how I originally interpreted the scope. Now a closer look at the scope, and the new example questions, makes me think I was wrong in that interpretation.

I'd appreciate clarification. It would help me decide if I should delete my questions that would be off-topic and ask better ones. Thank you!

It's great to see how many people have been working hard, and the growth is exciting. I hope the site succeeds!

"Beekeeping" is a very different beast (you'll pardon the expression) than "dealing with animals which live in hives or colonies." Many hive/colony creatures are pests which need controlling, not a resource to be tended. (I suppose bats might fall under "colony animals," but combining ants and bats is more of a stretch than ants and wasps.) Beekeeping is about taking care of these insects so they can produce honey and pollinate crops for the general good of society. I don't see much overlap. – Lauren Ipsum Sep 21 '16 at 12:13
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The scope involves the hives or colonies, and questions about the species without context within hive or colony may be considered off-topic. A question such as "Why do bees sting people?" Could be considered off-topic, while "Would disturbing the hive make bees agressive?" would be completely fine.

The struggle with a site such as this is that it has limited content. Allowing questions related to species such as bees and wasps without a hive context may increase interest in the site and allow it to run properly. Other species such as bats could also be included, since they do live in colonies.

Restricting users to questions purely on hives and insect colonies will lead to less interest overall as it is such a small topic to cover.

Perhaps updating the description on this proposal to include a broader topic may increase interest.


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