So, the closest to on topic for appliances and whatnot would be the DIY SE, but they exclude questions about appliances. Most of these appliances fall into either cooking or cleaning. Seasoned Advice already has cooking covered, would cleaning appliances (vacuum cleaner, steam mop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc) be covered by this site?

Proposal: Housework


This site is about maintaining your house/flat. And your household tools are as much part of this as your cooking gear, towels and so on. So I see no reason why this would be off-topic.

On top of this, they are what you use to do what this site is about, so they should be on-topic for the same reason that, e.g., compilers are on Stack Overflow.

I wanted to find some extravagant, complicated situation in which compilers are relevant to housework, so I could make a joke about compilers being on-topic here, but then I realized that IoT will probably make that a lot less complicated soon. – QPaysTaxes Feb 17 at 21:57

I think to a certain extent, yes. Keeping an iron working well (what to do if you used tap water instead of distilled water in it?), keeping that vacuum cleaner clean and changing filters and stuff. Probably the moment one needs to solder to keep an appliance working, that's when it stops being Housework. My two cents.

Probably the moment one needs to solder to keep an appliance working – Ironically, the inevitable cliché of potential users of this site is that they are very much at home with soldering (but not with everything else). – Wrzlprmft Sep 18 '16 at 4:49

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