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This site is possibly a duplicate of Cognitive Sciences.


The Cognitive Sciences StackExchange was formed by merging previous "Psychology", "Psychiatry", and "Cognitive Science" proposals. merging of sites info

Scientific questions about psychology are on topic at the Cognitive Sciences Stack Exchange. In fact, such questions form the vast majority of the site.

There has long been discussion in meta on Cognitive Sciences about the degree to which the name of the site could be made more inviting, particularly to scientists in the field of psychology. That said, questions relating to the science of psychology are on topic.

Self-help questions are off topic for various reasons.


See my question "How can I help my bipolar friend?". Cognitive sciences may investigate how human sensation, cognition and information proccessing work but I think that personal advice, situation analysis, personal managment (HR) and understanding the human behavior in general is not a field of interest of cognitive sciences.

Would your question be in scope at – James Jenkins Sep 26 '16 at 18:13
Beside pure cognition, we also consider IO-psychology, HCI and sociology to be on-topic, if they are related to cognitive/psychological sciences. I thus believe HR can also be on-topic, if asked correctly. For example:… – Robin Kramer Nov 8 '16 at 9:08
This question could be on topic on the proposed Relationships site. – user92641 Jan 31 at 21:22

Look the new questions for better definition, psychology should be the main-topic that can include so many variants.


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