Proposal: Science Educators

Would questions from the student's perspective, for example “How should I learn redox reactions?” or “How should I start studying nomenclature?”, be on topic?


I think they would be on topic if the student is a self-learner, after all, then he actually is his own educator. I think such question is stated to be from a self-learner persepective.

I did not just choose the word "Educator" because Mathematics Educators also has that name. I did it on purpose to emphasis that all kinds of Educators, so that includes teachers, tutors, parents who are trying to help (to some extent; they should definitely not ask about how something works (because those questions should go to the main science sites), but asking how to draw some analogy for an certain type or learner, for example, would be on-topic) and also self-learners.


One of the logistical questions is whether students would be able to "meta-analyze" their own learning experience well enough to ask good questions. The answer is very possibly "Yes," so I'd think it a good idea to include such questions in the site scope, leaving the option open to later restrict them if they turn out in the aggregate to be undesirable.


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