Proposal: Cosplay

Don't get me wrong, Cosplay would be a good idea. However, wouldn't it be more resourceful to have a new "Cosplay" tag in Arts and Crafts?

why not use the rpf? – Frezzley Feb 14 at 16:48
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Well, looking at the scope of Arts and Crafts. It certainly seems that it would cover a lot of the 'crafting' parts of costumes and props. But cosplaying encompasses quite a bit more such as.

  • Acting
  • Make-up
  • hairstyling / wig styling
  • lights

The last of which would probably be better questions for SO or Arduino SE

All together I do think that Cosplaying (Costuming) is a broader aspect than Arts & craft alone can cover.

Great answer :) Thanks – Joseph Christian Hefley Sep 16 '16 at 1:01

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