Proposal: YouTubers

Shouldn't it be YouTubers listed under Technology but also Arts, because video editors are commonly categorized as artists?

Moreover, it seems to me, there is enough room under Arts to allow that without hassle.


i'm just tring to say,...Stackoverflow has already a tag YouTube with more than 10k questions and 600 followers. a new site dedicated to internet video producers shouldn't be a clone of that.

Thank you for your advice, I understand there is another site for videos so I may still have to alter the new-name. But I agree and feel the proposal should be under the technology category. How can I change this? – sbswim Jan 20 at 22:42

I would say no, because there is already a SE site called "Video Production" under Arts. YouTubers should be listed just under Technology. :)


I think it should be under "Business" section. Doing video for youtube is art to me, but youtubers are business people first of all. Most of them is getting paid for doing videos. However also "professionals" seems a good place. A lot of people is far from being a professional youtuber, but there are some that are clearly professionals.

Doing a good video is different than doing a video that can be easily monetized, and also gaining follers is more a "business" part.


You can't change it (see related How can i change the topic of my proposal?) If it is not in the right place it will be moved as part of the normal progression to beta launch.


Listing it under recreation could be a possibility too.

sorry if i disagree, but i'm doing a lot of product videos, so IMHO i would interpret YouTubers as a helper for business – deblocker Feb 13 at 9:18
That is true. I was just thinking from the perspective of someone just doing it as a hobbie. – Corndog Feb 13 at 9:21

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