A year ago, when I started the remote sensing and photogrammetry proposal, I invited some of my classmates to follow it.
Two of them were FaCh and and Bahareh Yekkekhani (I can't find her profile right now). They did follow the proposal as you see in FaCh's profile. But their name never appeared in the list.
Today I accidentally found the creator of the tag photogrammetry in StackOverflow named Neil N and I invited him to have a look at this proposal which may be interesting for him.
At first, I thought that he didn't accept my invitation but I was surfing right now and I accidentally saw his profile in area51, which shows that he had followed the proposal.
I have seen similar cases many times.
So why doesn't the name of some followers appear in the follower list?

It's quite possible that they haven't verified their email address. To follow a proposal, your email address needs to be verified. – Zizouz212 Aug 14 '16 at 20:30

The followers' list only shows the most recent followers who joined the proposal. They probably followed before the most recent 40 listed.

No, No I meant some of the most recent followers are not shown and I have given some examples – sepideh Oct 7 '16 at 16:23

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