The Paranormal proposal reached 1 month of inactivity at a time of writing.

latest activity: 1 month ago

In FAQ we can read:

Inactive proposals that do not receive any activity for one month may be deleted.

Other post confirms that.

Does it mean it could be removed, despite having 80 followers?

In other words, what are the criteria for removal the proposals?

Are the questions with 10 votes are the only trigger to prevent such removal?

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I don't recall the exact criteria of the 'last activity' date on a proposal, but it is very similar to the 'activity' tab on a Stack Exchange Q&A site; essentially, adding or editing a post (i.e. example questions).

But the abandoned-proposal process has a much more conservative definition of user activity. Activity includes adding and editing questions… but it also includes voting for the example questions, posting comments, and somone following or committing to the proposal.


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