Proposal: Marketing

I work in market research and there are currently no stack exchange sites covering methodology or interpretation. Note I am aware of the statistics site, but this doesn't cover topics such as designing surveys or focus groups.

So, is MR on topic?


Given that the Marketing proposal is still in the fairly early stages of definition. I'd say the best way to answer your question is to propose a couple of example questions and see how they go.

After all, that is what example questions are for.


I would say "yes, obviously so." I mean, how can you make informed marketing decisions without market research?

Hi. I asked because there might be a lot of overlap with the statistics site, CrossValidated.SE – Bad_Bishop Feb 28 at 20:35
I guess it's possible, but it seems like a stretch to me. seems to be more about the deep technical details of statistical techniques, and machine learning. In my mind (although I could be wrong) a question about "market research" is going to be more about the logistics of acquiring data, analyzing it specifically in a marketing context, etc. And questions can always be migrated if they're posted on the "wrong" site. – mindcrime Mar 1 at 1:54

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