Proposal: Marketing

ProWebmasters.SE cites SEO and more broadly internet marketing as topics that are covered there, both of which are very large marketing topics.

What criteria, if any, would separate a question from being on-topic on Marketing vs. ProWebmasters.SE?

If internet marketing questions are to be raised on ProWebmasters.SE exclusively, do non-internet marketing questions provide enough room to justify an entire site?


Every time a Marketing Proposal appears it gets attacked because some other SE's have rudimentary marketing on topic. SEO for example is on topic in a few places - that's hardly marketing.

In traditional marketing terms, there's no such thing as Internet Marketing.

Internet is a medium. Your website is Advertising. Facebook or Google or any other site are channels.

You contact Sports Illustrated wanting to run an advertisement. Sports Illustrated is the channel. Their email campaigns, list rentals, print magazines, digital publications, etc are all mediums.

Then there's TV advertising, radio advertising, corporate sponsorships, public relations, brand influencers, etc. That's just in the Promotion realm of the P's.

There's also Price setting, Promotional opportunities, and Place (distribution of goods and services) to consider. None of these are on topic anywhere.


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