Proposal: Virtualization & Emulation

As a new user of Stack Exchange, the time came where I started browsing the list of sites and I was initially surprised by two things:

a. There were some sites (like the one for Elementary OS) that I would never expect to see. Elementary OS is not some major linux platform but rather a meta-distribution, and if every distro had a site of its own, there would be like 1k sites for distributions only!! So this, in a way made no sense to me.

b. I kept looking for the site for virtualization, but to my surprise it was nowhere to be found! Having seen all the different topics covered on the existing SE sites, I was almost certain that there would be a separate place for all these technologies that are involved. Instead, I saw questions about kvm on 'askubuntu' and I finally figured that as of now, all of these virtualization questions are scattered in different places.

After giving it some thought I decided to create this proposal because I believe there are others that would like to see a separate place for virtualization and emulation. I think it is important because questions about it do not really fit anywhere else and because many technologies interact/are related to each other.

And a couple of notes:

  1. I thought that even mentioning the term cloud would make the topic too broad, so I intentionally left any cloud technologies out in my description. Yes, clouds are based on virtualization technologies but there are huge architectural and other differences that make clouds a totally different ecosystem.

  2. I included emulation because in many cases emulation can be used as an alternative to achieve the same thing. A typical example of that would be a comparison between 'running a windows application on WINE or in a windows installation made in some VM'.




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