Proposal: Marketing

Marketing is well on-topic in the Startups site. In fact, there is also an active Marketing tag on the site.

There is also an active meta post for the expansion of the site's scope to include more sophisticated and deep business questions.

So, I don't think this proposal would add any more value to the existing Startups site.

It should be noted that you are the one that created that proposal and there has been no answers on the thread for two months with any commitment to it. I'd prefer to see a commitment from other users/moderators there one way or another before we use it to act on this proposal. – HPierce Jun 14 '16 at 0:48
@HPierce That is just an addition to this post, and marketing is well on-topic on that site, even without my proposal – Dawny33 Jun 14 '16 at 1:21

While I'd agree that there is some clear overlap, I'd disagree that it totally eclipses the value that this site could bring.

I'm not a part of that community - so I can't speak to the nuance of the questions there - but in general, I'd expect questions there to focus on small business and answers to acknowledge their limitations. That leaves the opportunity for this site to focus on general marketing principles and strategies that would work for Fortune 500 companies that have larger marketing teams with more specialized staff.

I am, however, concerned that this is just one example of a few SE sites that overlap with this proposal.


Startups is sure to gain traction on here due to SE's strong ties within the tech space but not everyone is a Tech Company or a Startup. I don't see how it should prevent a Marketing SE from forming unless they expand their scope to be "Businesses"


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