Proposal: Indian Languages

I am planning to rename "Indian Languages" to ""South Asian Language family" Reason being diversity! I see proposal like Bangali/ Hindi/Tamil !! I feel all will end up getting rejected due to low traffic in later stage. I am not discouraging. Think!!

South Asian Language family

  • Indo-Aryan Languages
  • Dravidian Languages

Please vote your opinion.

This title seems too broad in nature and suggests other language groups. – Ken Graham May 23 '16 at 14:08
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South Asian language family is too broad and the community will not benifit from each other very much. For example, Malai language and any many Indian language people in the community will not benifit from each other as there are not many people who speak both of these languages. This would result in small communities inside the site itself.

We can rename the proposal as Indic Languages as said by spk in his answer here. This will encompass much broader community such as Tamils in SriLanka, etc... who can benifit from the Indian languages community and add more value to it.


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