Proposal: Learning Indian Languages

See this question in this proposal for example:

Kannada is closer to Tamil than to Telugu in language-wise, but closer to Telugu in script wise.So can anyone tell abt history behind this similarity?

The majority of the example questions on this proposal is not related to learning these languages. The latest renaming of the site from Dravidan Languages to Learning Indian Languages is pretty much limiting the scope.

I think we could rename our proposal to Indian Languages similar to the sites Chinese Language, French Language sites.

This renaming will increase our scope to discuss Grammer, similarity between languages, their history, usage, etc... rather than just about their learning.

Also an Indian Languages site will attract followers from proposals like Hindi language while Learning Indian Languages may not.

And a final note, the name Learning Indian Languages can mean that some may think it will fall under the scope of the site Language Learning.

We agree with you and it's changed. – codetoshare May 2 '16 at 4:09
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The name has been changed to Indian Languages now. The site is not limited to learning.


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