Proposal: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

As you know GIS-SE and ES-SE are two sites that are very close to this proposal. A while ago when I wanted to advertise this proposal on Earth Sciences, I found that the sites that are still in beta phase don't have a community promotion ads thread so I asked here what to do (I think my comments there have been deleted) and plannapus answered that I can create a new thread on Earth Science meta to advertise my proposal or advertise it on chat and personally he'll not be offended because my proposal is very related to earth sciences so I did create a thread there to advertise the proposal but yesterday when I tried to do the same for other beta sites that I think are somehow related like Space Exploration, Open Data, Engineering, Aviation, I realized that this action is not permitted.

We don't actually allow promotion of Area 51 proposals in meta (or the main site) at all. There are rare exceptions — like calling into question if the proposed subject is better off on that site — but with so many proposals vying for attention, allowing each one to start soliciting support on the sites became unworkable pretty fast

Now my question is can I advertise my proposal on chat part of the relevant beta sites like
Space Exploration
Signal Processing
Computer Science
Open Data
Sustainable Living
Earth Science

Or it is forbidden just as advertising the proposal on the meta part of these sites?

I see that you are desperately trying to succeed this proposal. I'm not knowing anything about your field, except some math and physics, so sorry I can't help. But have you thought about advertising this on reddit? Going to the right subreddits and you might see a mass traffic comes to here. – Ooker Nov 13 '15 at 15:54
We had a discussion about this in Space Exploration main room in November 2015 when you first attempted to advertise the new proposal to our community, and since you were then clearly asked not to as you're otherwise not an active member of Space Exploration, and only chat participation you had was about this proposal, I fail to understand why you'd now still include Space Exploration into the list. You also went on to spam with this proposal in a dozen other chat rooms where you aren't active. Please don't assume that asking for permission means that you have it. You don't! – TildalWave Jan 22 '16 at 22:14
@TildalWave I just had forgotten that I must not add to space exploration. I'm not going to argue about it. You can just delete it. Pardon me – sepideh Jan 22 '16 at 22:17

You can, but be respectful.

You are more than welcome to advertise your proposal to various Stack Exchange communities. Many chatrooms are active, and are extremely welcome to new people and to new ideas. That being said, go right on ahead.

However, you may come across as rude if you are simply "dropping a link and going out the door". This can also be seen as outright spam or promotion, which may get you flagged. Spam/Offensive flags can normally arise in automatic chat suspensions, and people may not be as welcoming or friendly. Chat with communities, and attempt to know the people there as well. For all you know, they may have friends or connections that are interested as well :)

About meta posts, the comment that you quoted is absolutely correct. Meta is generally used for discussion of site policies and procedures, not promotion of Area 51 proposals (which again, may be seen as spam).

Keep in mind, to make sure that you advertise to relevant sites. As an outsider, I feel that Remote Sensing may be something to do with GIS Systems or Aerial photography, so a site like Ebooks may not be a good fit.

is this kind of a respectful ad or is it offensive? I'm confused a bit. I'm worried they may consider it a spam!!! – sepideh Nov 4 '15 at 7:49
I would also add that the norms of a chat room are determined in large part by the participants. As you broach the subject, I would be somewhat conscientious in feeling out if you're activity is welcomed at all. If the conversation is welcomed, have at it; if it's not, I would respectfully drop the subject and move on. But be careful that your subject isn't wildly off-topic for audience and the room you are raising the subject. – Robert Cartaino Nov 4 '15 at 13:44

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