Proposal: Ethereum

There are several criteria for the site to go beta. A lot of people from outside the StackExchange community came to support this project, so what's dragging this site's percentage (or progress to beta) down is lack of people who proved they can use StackExchange by getting 200+ reputation on any site besides area51. Of course you can wait until this gap is filled with people already proficient with StackExchange, but I have a suggestion: explore the StackExchange net!

There are many sites. Many of you have coding skills they can share, many of you have some hobbies they can ask/answer questions about, some are experts at some other domain. Anyway, if you have time for exploring another website, chances are high that you will find some other community of your liking behind area51 and Ethereum.SE. Some communities are easier to get the first 200 reputation than others, but being able to give quality answer will quickly earn you enough reputation anywhere. It has some advantages:

  • you will learn the basics, which will help you when this site enters (private) beta
  • having 200+ reputation somewhere will give you an assosiation bonus of 100 points meaning earlier access to privileges on other sites, including Etherium.SE
  • if the topic is related, you can advertise this proposal in that site's chat since you earn enough reputation to enter it (20 rep)
  • it's fun
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...and if you don't have a high level of professional/technical proficiency in any particular field of study, we also have many mainstream sites in subjects like

These communities have a vast level of knowledge in their own right… but they tend to be based a bit more in personal enthusiasm and experience in subjects we deal with every day.

Even if you're not a so-called "expert" in any of these subjects, many of the questions can be researched and answered with great proficiency by anyone who wishes to put in the effort — so gaining a bit of reputation and accolades on these sites is a bit more "accessible", even if you're not deeply entrenched in a technical field you can mentor specifically.


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