A stack exchange discussing entrepreneurial ideas, with the aim to spread new ideas, possibly getting them to people who are looking for ideas or have the resources to give them life.

Other aims would be discussing ideas, in the aim of enhancing them collaboratively, or just "testing" out these ideas, to gauge popular feedback, see if they are viable and if they have been already implemented or patented.

Most question on other stack-exchange sites are, in essence, of the type "why is ...", "how do i...", or "what is...". This should rather be of the type "what do you think of ...".

This is mostly geared towards entrepreneurial ideas, but could also discuss ideas pertaining to charity, artistic projects and other things.

Example of the type of ideas which could be discussed: - Printing people's faces on mugs - a small device which can be attached to your keys and allows you to locate them using your smartphone

The ideas above are not new ideas and have already been or are being implemented, but it's just for the sake of example.


To propose a site, start on the main page, select a category to the left, and scroll to the bottom to 'propose a new site.'

But Stack Exchange is designed to collect a canon of knowledge within a particular subject. Sharing ideas and soliciting for resources and collaboration and vetting those idea to gauge popular feedback really seems to be outside the scope for which Stack Exchange was created. I don't think we could create this site.


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