Proposal: elementaryOS

Elementary is mostly a customized Ubuntu stack with custom applications (I'm really sorry if I heart your emotions, I don't mean to start a 'Its better than that because...' thread so please try to improvise the discussion).

Most of the problems (I'd say 90% of them until eOS grows really big) can be looked up over So which portion of problems exclusive to eOS will this site cover ?

eOS is still in beta and development is rather slow so I'd suppose that most of the (serious) threads here might be related to Vala language, and remaining could be related to casual crashes and bugs which is so expected until it sees any stable release.
Now Vala related questions would better suit and things related to crashes should go under

Please don't take it personally if you are an eOS developer or advocate, I am not criticizing your work but the existence of this site.

Will this site ever make sense until eOS goes marginally far from ubuntu at which point you can't really say that 'Oh, In Ubuntu you can fix it this way..' and it fixes things in eOS too.


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