Is there Any reason for this split? It seems, the system we're having right now works fine. Why shouldn't the Questions just be tagged with the c# tag and maybe some dotnet, wpf, winforms or asp tags?

Proposal: Just C-Sharp


I'd love to see somebody argue the other side of this, if they feel it's worthwhile, but here are my reasons for why I don't think there should be programming language specific stack exchanges:

  1. Stack Exchange has never allowed proposals that would steal significant traffic from an existing site, which this clearly would.
  2. You'd almost need to migrate all of the current C# related questions over to the new site, which would be a headache. That, or deal with repeats.
  3. C# programmers are already in the habit of going to, and you'd somehow have to get them to shift their thinking to go to a new site. In all likelihood, you'd lose a lot of people in the transition. A sub-point of this is that everyone would have to earn reputation all over again, so it would be hard to judge who the "trusted experts" are.
  4. I think there's a lot to be gained by the cross-pollination between languages on Stack Overflow. Even though a question may be language specific, sometimes somebody who is an expert in a different language will be able to shed unique and interesting light on the question.
  5. I think this would negatively affect the VB.Net people who have access to the exact same BCL/FCL, but who would lose a large collection of experts in that if they were funneled to a C# specific site.

It looks like this C# proposal was closed as a duplicate now, which I think is the right move... but I'd still actually be very interested in having someone present some counterpoints to this discussion.

All the counterpoints have already been discussed to death. If you search around, you can find them. I'd link to them, but sorry, I need to move onto other things. Your logic here is sound though; no need for any language-specific sites. Good luck! – jmort253 Sep 1 '13 at 6:04

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